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Hooked on Hearing offers all the top brand name hearing aids for a lot less than the competition. 

We also service and repair all the major major brands, in or out of warranty.


Not quite ready for new hearing aids? 

At hooked on hearing we will give you a fair price to fix your current hearing aids.


We also carry factory reconditioned aids, many of which are still under factory warranty up to 2 years.


If you choose to buy new, we offer all the top brands for less. All follow up visits, cleaning and repairs are always free while in warranty.


We provide a wide range of services including:


  • Free hearing test and consultation 

  • Hearing aid fittings customized to your needs

  • All major brands of hearing aids at low prices

  • We carry accessories for all the top brands. (TV streamers, click on mics, charges, remote controls, dryer boxes, etc).

  • Hearing aid repair. Many times a hearing aid can be repaired at our office, however sometimes the aid must be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

  • All repairs are free while under under warranty. Repairs out of warranty are at a very reasonable price.

  • Custom earplugs. Made from actual impression of your ears so they fit perfectly and comfortably. 

  • Musician plus. Custom made to filter loud sounds.

  • Shooting plugs. Custom made to protect the ear from loud gun fire while still allowing you to hear your surrounding.

  • Swim plugs. Keeps water from getting into your ear.

  • Itchy ears? We carry Miracell ProEar, made from all natural oils to calm dry, itchy, irritated ears

  • We offer ear wax removal. Our Earigator system is a very safe and effective way to gently remove wax from the ear canal. It irrigates the ear canal with warm water and light pressure to clean thoroughly (charges may apply).

Earigator Ear Canal Cleaning System
Earigator at work

The Earigator gently removes wax from the ear canal. It irrigates the ear canal with warm water and light pressure for a thorough clean.

Free video otoscope - Lets you see inside your ear!


Otoscopy is a clinical procedure used to examine structures of the ear, particularly the external auditory canal, tympanic membrane, and middle ear. Clinicians use the process during routine wellness physical exams and the evaluation of specific ear complaints.

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