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  • Do the people around you seem to be mumbling? 
  • Does background noise make it impossible to understand what people are saying?
  • Do friends and loved ones seem to get frustrated because you never understand what they're saying?

We can help. Today's hearing aids make it possible for you to hear and understand what people are saying without amplifying the sounds you don't want to hear. With advances in technology, many hearing aids are virtually undetectable.

At Hooked on Hearing, our philosophy is simple. We sell top brand name hearing aids such as Starkey, Siemens, Rexton, Phonak, Sebotek and Oticon for far less than our competition. We are able to do this because we don't spend thousands of dollars every month on advertising in newspapers, mailers, TV, and radio ads. 

We have one central office located in Powell, Ohio. We also serve the Columbus and central Ohio area, including Delaware and Franklin county. Many of our competitors will maintain 6 to 10 offices trying to capture more business. Ultimately, someone has to pay for all of this unnecessary overhead. And unfortunately, this is accomplished by passing the costs on to the customer, with much higher prices for hearing aids and related services. Don't overpay for your next set of hearing aids, call Hooked on Hearing for your free hearing test. 

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